Caldera Preta Restaurant

Who goes to the Caldeira Preta is why he wants to listen Creole music.

cat-icon Caldera Preta, Espargos, Cabo Verde
cat-icon Cultural Cafe, Santa Maria, Cabo Verde

Compad Restaurant


It looks very small and simple restaurant but the food is divine! I had tuna steak and it was t...

cat-icon restaurante compad, Santa Maria, Cabo Verde

Bracona Restaurant and Bar

Original Dishes, Based on Seafood, and Drinks

cat-icon Buracona : The Blue Eye of Cabo Verde Shop, BURACONA, Sal, Cabo Verde
cat-icon Marcos Bar Restaurant Tradicional, Rua 15 Agosto, Santa Maria, Cabo Verde

Farolin Restaurant

A redefinition of gourmet cuisine. Let your senses taste a new thrill.

cat-icon Restaurante Farolim, Santa Maria, Cabo Verde