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Are you planning a trip to Sal?

In our guide to the island of Sal, you will find all the necessary information to visit the most touristic island of Cape Verde.

Getting to Sal is like getting to the Moon, only a Moon overlooking the sea. And what a sea!

The water is translucent and blue, often with shades of green, and its temperature is mild.

When the plane starts to descend, a flat and deserted land line appears on the horizon.

The charm of this island is in Santa Maria and its long white sand beach.

Sal is therefore ideal for people who want to rest, relax, enjoy the beach, the sun and the amenities of the resorts.

It is also the right place for lovers of water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing and diving.

Twenty years ago, landing on Sal was really like landing on the Moon.

Half a dozen people knew that here, in Santa Maria, there was a huge white sand beach that rivaled those in the Caribbean.

Nowadays everything has changed. Sal is the island that receives most tourists.

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