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About Visit Sal Island

Through a communication portal enables the search for local information by companies from all sectors of commerce, industry and services, as well as channels aimed at the benefit and use of the local, national and foreign population, always seeking to assist interested visitors.

One of the reasons for joining this digital guide is the change in Sal island’s image, making tourists and residents come to see Sal island as a modern island, beyond our traditional image of sun and beach.

Through Visit Sal Island you have:

  • All the information is always at hand on your computer or mobile phone, without having to carry more books or even maps that have to be folded and unfolded.
    Using the app map in conjunction with your smartphone’s GPS means you’ll never get lost again.
  • The organization of routes and places to visit are done in no time.
  • Fully navigable maps using GPS (even indicates the direction and distance from where you are to the selected point)
  • Lots of photos help you identify places to see in your digital city guide
  • Maps include the location of what you want to visit and where to buy
  • Simple texts giving information on places, history, culture, architecture, weather and transport
  • Opinions from other travelers help you understand if it’s worth visiting certain spots
  • Suggestions for restaurants, hotels, attractions, nightlife, shopping, car hire, etc.
  • All Points are one-touch addable to your own route selection / favorites
  • If you have a tablet and a smartphone you can plan your trip on any of them alternately, as soon as you start the app on the other device when you’re connected to the internet, it syncs everything automatically.
  • You can also help improve the app by adding your own impressions of the places you visit.

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