Ocean Airport

Here you can find hot and cold dishes, local and international drinks

cat-icon Aeroporto Amílcar Cabral, Aeroporto Internacional Amílcar Cabral, Espargos, Cabo Verde

Churrasco Classico Restaurant

We can say that our specialty is not one or two dishes, our specialty is the charcoal grills we make

cat-icon Restaurante Churrasco Classico, Santa Maria, Sal, Cabo Verde

Hot Spot Noodle Bar

Hot Spot is a cool place to eat quality noodles , have a drink , or just chill.

cat-icon HOT SPOT, Travessa Amilcar Cabral, Santa Maria, Cabo Verde

Meky’s Burger Bar


Very clean and nice place to have a quick bite. Lot's of choices, also chicken and tuna burgers...

cat-icon Meky's Burger Bar, Santa Maria, Cabo Verde


Explore our menu and find a delicious variety of burgers and supplements. Delight and order yours no

cat-icon Sal Burguer, Espargos, Cabo Verde